BREAKING Bombshell!! Top Police In Berkeley May Have Been Complicit In The Antifa Riots


According to an anonymous insider on the sub reddit channel /Pol/, top liberal brass in the Berkeley police department may have been complicit with Antifa in the riots that occurred in Berkeley.

According to the “police insider” the top brass threatened punitive measures against officers who laid hands on any protestors!

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Berkley PD insider here.

The police department are on the brink of civil war with the top brass/local government. The mayor has had his boot on the throat of the department for some time, demanding we not lay a single gloved finger on the Antifas scum.

We cops are sick and tired of this bullshit, being unable to help innocents getting the shit kicked out of them by these domestic terrorist scum. We cops have outright been threatened by the top brass (with the asshole mayor right beside of him, to make sure the threats are carried out verbatim), that ANY cop who lays a single hand on an Antifas, or tries to save a Trump/alt righter/innocent bystander, would be fired and blacklisted from ever working in law enforcement again.


We have also been told, by the mayor, that all of the local media are “on the mayor’s side” and would snitch on anyone who tried to out the mayor’s agenda to let Antifas beat and brutalize innocent people, who’s only crime is having a point of view the Antifas disagree with. Or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The mayor has also stated he has “friends” in the national media as well, who will likewise out any whistleblower.

THAT is why no cop has come forward on or off the record with what is going on in Berkley. We are outright living in fear from reprisals from the social justice fascist regime currently controlling the local city government. As well as our own top officials in the department: any cop who is caught voicing internal concerns has been subject to illegal reprisals (shitty shifts, sick/vacation days suddenly being revoked, etc) along with threats that any cop who doesn’t narc on another, being punished too.

It’s full on insane, to the point that a lot of us had to do our damn best not to break forth in cheers for the Trump folk who smashed the Antifas Saturday, due to the shit we’ve been made to let those bastards skate on.

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