BREAKING: Bloodbath on the Streets of ‘Gun-Controlled’ Chicago


Chicago continues to be a glaring reminder of why Democratic-style gun control doesn’t work.

The type of criminal who is going to shoot people doesn’t care about your gun laws, because he is a CRIMINAL. He’s going to get his hands on a weapon regardless of your laws.

The only people such gun control laws keep weapons from are law-abiding gun owners. Because, well, they actually obey the law.

And today, Chicago is probably wishing it had a few more of those.

In just over 24 hours from early Saturday morning to Sunday night, no fewer than 24 people were shot on the streets of Chicago.

The victims included three children under the age of 13.

Three of the victims died from their wounds.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Police were reviewing statistics to determine whether the number of shootings between Saturday and Sunday morning represented a considerable increase in violence over previous weekends. Those numbers typically are compiled on Mondays.

Now, THAT’S a frightening statement. In most places, having 24 people shot in a single day would most definitely be a MAJOR increase in violence.

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But in Chicago, they need to check. Might be just a typical number of shootings.

And, again, we are talking about a city that has made big noise over strict gun control laws.

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