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BREAKING: Bill Passes – Gun Owners Forced to Forfeit Firearms or Be Arrested


Liberals are on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment and confiscate as many guns as they possibly can. They came one step closer to banning guns in the state of Oregon when Governor Kate Brown just signed a bill into law that allows for gun confiscation.

Oregon Senate Bill 719 “permits government officials to order the confiscation of guns, simply based off of hearsay evidence. There is no actual evidence required to order this confiscation, and before the gun owner is even given a hearing.”

The bill also makes it next to impossible for citizens whose guns were confiscated, to get them back.

Though Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), the bill’s sponsor, has argued that his bill “is not confiscation,” the language of SB 719 says differently:
“Requires court to order respondent to surrender deadly weapons and concealed handgun license within 24 hours of service of initial order, and immediately upon service of continued or renewed order. Provides for law enforcement officer serving order to request immediate surrender of deadly weapons and concealed handgun license and authorizes law enforcement officer to take possession of surrendered items.”

If a requirement for “immediate surrender” of firearms and concealed carry license upon issue of an ex parte ruling is not confiscation, I don’t know what is!

Gov. Kate Brown did not comment on the bill when she signed it into law. However, she had previously said that the law is the “best way that a person who is at risk of harming themselves or others is identified, while still ensuring their rights are protected by a court review.”
This is, of course, nonsense.

“By allowing a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member to seek the [new law, it] would allow people who are not mental health professionals, who may be mistaken and who may only have minimal contact with the respondent to file a petition with the court and testify on the respondent’s state of mind,” the NRA’s legislative lobby arm said.

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H/T: Silent is Consent

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