Breaking: Attorney General Files Charges Against President Trump


Another unprecedented (at least in living memory) occurrence for this presidency.

President Donald Trump has officially had criminal charges filed against him in court.

Now, without question the timing of all this is highly suspect.

Even so, the charges themselves are serious, and could mean big trouble for the entire Trump family.

The LA Times reports:

The New York attorney general filed a lawsuit against President Trump on Thursday, charging that he misused his charitable foundation for personal and political gains over more than a decade.

In the scathing complaint filed in New York State Supreme Court, the attorney general used adjectives such as “illegal,’’ “persistent” and “willful” to characterize the violations of the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The president “used charitable assets to pay off the legal obligations of entities he controlled to promote Trump hotels, to purchase personal items and to support his presidential election campaign,’’ the lawsuit charged.

The attorney general, Barbara D. Underwood, is seeking $2.8 million in restitution from the Trump Foundation and to bar Trump for 10 years from serving as a director, trustee or officer of a nonprofit. The suit says that $1 million in remaining funds should be distributed to other charities.

As we noted, whether or not the charges are accurate, the timing of the lawsuit is suspect.

Also, whether or not the charges are accurate, the fact that Trump is facing such scrutiny over this, while the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton have constantly avoided legal action over MUCH bigger crimes, is a major stain on our democracy.

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