Breaking: Anti-Trump Icon, Matt Lauer Fired By NBC For Sick Sexual Crimes


In an interesting turn of events, NBC announced that Liberal host Matt Lauer was fired this morning after an employee filed a complaint against him claiming “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” The announcement was made by Savannah Guthrie at the start of the “Today” show. “We are devastated,” she stated.

The “Today” show is one of the most well-known and profitable franchises on American television. Matt Lauer was a key part of the show for nearly twenty years, so viewers are in shock, however it doesn’t come as a total surprise to those who worked with him on the “Today” show. They were aware that numerous news outlets were looking into Lauer’s conduct off camera.

News chairman for NBC Andrew Lack explained early this morning in a memo to staff members that the complaint against Lauer was filed on Monday night. Lack explained in the email that this was the first complaint against Lauer in his twenty-year career at NBC. He also stated, however, “we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”

While Lack and other NBC News executives were aware for weeks that stories could be coming out which would be extremely damaging, I’m sure they were not prepared for this one.

Sources who had been contacted by Times explained that New York Times reporters have been looking into Lauer for weeks.

Variety’s New York bureau chief Ramin Stetoodeh went on Twitter to say that he and his colleagues have been reporting “about serious sexual harassment allegations against Lauer” for around two months. So, this wasn’t a snap decision on the part of NBC to let Lauer go.

Stetoodeh thickened the plot when he stated, “There were multiple victims.”

Lauer was not available for immediate comment by CNN. An NBC News spokeswoman refused to comment about the matter any further than what was already released from the memo.

According to a source, the former NBC host was notified on Tuesday evening about the network’s final decision. His co-host of the last five years, Savannah Guthrie, was notified overnight.

Co-host to Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, explained, “We were both woken up with the news kind of predawn. And we’re trying to process it and make sense of it. And it will take some time for that.”

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Matt Lauer is just the latest of many high profile figures in the media who has been taken down by allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. It was only last week that CBS had to fire morning anchor Charlie Rose following a report in the Washington Post which painted a picture of years of sexual misconduct.

It all began when the New York Times and the New Yorker released reports about the infamous Harvey Weinstein case. A whirlwind of reports followed on other high-profile names. Some of the accused that followed Weinstein were actors like Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. These men have been taken off of all projects following allegations against them were released to the public. There were other prominent journalists besides Lauer who were accused as well, including NBC’ Mark Halperin and NPR’s Michael Oreskes. These men have since been fired or suspended from their jobs. The Left has been complaining since Donald Trump began his run for presidency about his conduct. They have made claims that President Trump is a sexist pig or that he has mistreated women, when in reality the Hollywood stars and media moguls who are being accused of sexual crimes are mainly Liberals. My, how the tables have turned.;

When Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie appeared on the “Late Night” show with Seth Meyers, they weren’t shy about displaying their hatred for President Trump. It looks like Lauer should have kept his mouth shut since he’s now the one sinking to the bottom of the ocean with no lifeboat in sight.

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The fact that NBC actually fired Matt Lauer says a lot. One of the most recognizable television personalities was just wiped off the scene during a time in which news programs are becoming more and more important to news outlets.

Guthrie spoke at the beginning of the “Today” show this morning and explained, “This is a sad morning at ‘Today’ and NBC News. As I’m sure you can understand, we are devastated. I’m heartbroken for Matt.” She went on to explain that she was also heartbroken for the woman who made the allegations against Lauer of misconduct. She stated, “it’s long overdue” that women begin to feel comfortable in coming forward against men who have abused them.

Hoda Kotb also spoke up saying that she has known Lauer for years and “loved him as a friend and a colleague.” She also said “It’s hard to reconcile the man who walks in every day” with the man who was alleged in the complaint.

This may be the end of an era for NBC, but America is just starting to get to the bottom of the sexual misconduct cases that plague our country, and Lauer is getting just what he signed up for.

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