BREAKING: Air Raid Sirens Sound in North Korean Capital of Pyongyang


North Korea is ramping up its preparations for World War 3 amid a flurry of back-and-forth threats with President Trump and mounting pressure from China.

An American journalist currently in North Korea, as well as other sources, reported the eery phenomenon of hearing air raid sirens wail across the capital city of Pyongyang over the weekend.

The sirens were just a test, but given how few in North Korea have access to reliable information, it understandably caused widespread panic.

The test was also cause for concern for America and our Asian allies.

North Korea has been warned to back down, not only by us, but also by China, upon which the North Koreans rely heavily.

If they’re testing air raid sirens, that’s a signal that the North Koreans, in fact, have no intention of backing down.

Source: Daily Express

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