BREAKING: Air Force Jets Scramble to Meet Russian Threat…


America is being tested. What’s going on in Syria and North Korea is our enemies prodding to see what kind of leader President Trump will be.

Well, that prodding is starting to get a little too close, a little too dangerous.

And our enemies are about to find out that Trump is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the weakling Obama.

When a pair of Russian nuclear-capable bombers flew into US airspace near Alaska, Trump didn’t hesitate to scramble the Air Force.

Fox News reports: The two Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers flew roughly 280 miles southwest of Elmendorf Air Force Base, within the Air Defense Identification Zone of the United States. The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 stealth fighter jets and an E-3 airborne early warning plane to intercept the Russian bombers.

The American jets flew alongside the Russian bombers for 12 minutes, before the Russian bombers reversed course and headed back to their base in eastern Russia.

Last week in Moscow, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said U.S.-Russian relations were at a “low point” while sitting next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Things are getting HOT.

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