BREAKING: A Reporter Has Just Risked His Job To Expose The Biggest Story In Politics! This Needs To Go Viral Now!


Folks, This video must go VIRAL. We need all Americans to see this.

This reporter’s question must be asked at the White House Press Briefing.

A Breitbart reporter has claimed in a youtube video to have the biggest story in politics.

The reporter claims he is being forced to stay away from the White House by Management at Breitbart news and is unable to break through the mainstream media narrative unless he stops addressing the matter at the White House Press briefing.

In the video the reporter addresses the DNC’s refusal to give access to their servers to the FBI during the investigation into the hack and the FBI’s acceptance of information given by a DNC employed tech group who allegedly falsified a report.

If It’s a matter of national security, why did the FBI not get access to be DNC’s servers folks?


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