BREAKING: 7 Shot Dead, Trump Set to TAKE ACTION


The murders keep piling up in the American city that most prides itself on harboring illegal immigrants and restricting Americans’ right to bear arms.

And the longer it goes on, the more likely President Trump is to take drastic measures.

On Wednesday of this week alone, seven people were shot and killed in Chicago. That brings the total number of people murdered in Chicago since January 1 (less than two months) to a whopping 92.

Another 400 people have been injured in shootings since the start of the year.

President Trump said he is increasingly disturbed by what is happening in Chicago, tweeting:

“Seven people shot and killed yesterday in Chicago. What is going on there – totally out of control. Chicago needs help!”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has traveled to Washington to discuss federal intervention in his city.

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Trump previously warned that if Emanuel was unable to regain control, the president would send in federal forces.

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Since Trump posted that tweet a month ago, the deadly shooting in Chicago have more than doubled.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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