Breaking: 33 Dead, 143 Wounded. Liberals & The Mainstream Media Is Dead Silent


What will it take for the Left to realize that there is a major issue in our inner cities? They would rather blame law enforcement than take a step back and figure out what the real issue is.

They seem to think that the Second Amendment and police officers are the only two answers to their problems, when in reality there is a lot more that we need to be taking into account here.

Last week, the city of Chicago saw its second most violent Thanksgiving Day in recent years. There were almost four dozen shootings that took place just over the long weekend.

These numbers are completely staggering. Between Wednesday afternoon and early on Monday morning, there were 44 people shot within the city of Chicago. Data taken by the Tribune reported that eight of those who were shot lost their lives.

The Left along with the mainstream Liberal media can’t seem to help themselves. They continue to cover up what is really happening with false narratives of police brutality and gun control complaints. There is a serious problem in our inner cities, and it’s about time that we address it. This issue has not gotten any better over the years, even though Liberals continually try to construct social stepladders in order to navigate their way out of it.

We can’t sit by and allow innocent lives to be taken any longer. How many Americans need to lose their lives before we take action? And, by action I do not mean taking away guns from law abiding citizens or gunning down police officers simply because they are in uniform.

It’s clear as day that making gun free zones and trying to get rid of the Second Amendment has done absolutely nothing to stop criminals. Making drugs illegal has not helped the addiction problems in our country, so why would anyone in their right mind believe that making guns illegal would take them off the streets? All it does is make it that much harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves while criminals obtain guns illegally. The bottom line is that criminals are just that, and they will go to any lengths they need to in order to commit their crimes.

One website actually tallies up and keeps count of Chicago crime. This website has stated that the shooting total as of right now for the month of November this year is 33 shot and killed. There have been 143 wounded. This year’s total as of now is a total of 3,326 people shot in the city of Chicago alone. 580 of those shot did not survive.

Black Lives Matter members like to claim that all crime in which blacks end up dying is the fault of law enforcement, but in reality the numbers paint a very different story. Of the homicide victims, 77.9 percent were black Americans. If you were wondering, police were only involved in ONE PERCENT of those fatal shootings. This fact completely disproves any theory that law enforcement is after African Americans. The truth is that blacks shooting blacks is a MUCH larger issue than police officers shooting blacks.

This horrific epidemic has got to stop. What will it take before we realize that this issue is not the fault of police officers? The city of Chicago is seeing crimes that are affecting thousands of blacks, but no one is doing a damn thing to fix it.

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H/T: Liberty One News

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