BREAKING: 30 Dead in Muslim Terrorist Attack on Hospital


It was a scene of blood and horror when a Muslim terrorist cell burst into a major hospital and started killing everyone in their path – doctors, nurses and patients.

Over 30 people were killed and many more were wounded during the six-hour siege at Sardar Mohammed Daud Khan hospital, the largest and best-equipped medical facility in Afghanistan.

It was difficult to determine if the attack had been carried out by the Taliban, which denied involvement, or ISIS, which was all too happy to claim credit.

Whoever was responsible, this is the fourth major attack in Afghanistan this year, and a further result of Barack Obama’s decision to prematurely reduce the US military presence there.

Obama declared “victory” in Afghanistan, but clearly the war isn’t over.

For Americans, this is just one more reminder why we NEED President Trump’s strict immigration vetting process.

The people who carried out this and so many other attacks are working very hard to infiltrate America.

And they are using the waves of Middle Eastern refugees as cover.

H/T Constitution

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