BREAKING: 26 Killed in Horrific Muslim Terror Attack


Muslim jihadists brutally massacred at least 23, and as many as 26 Christians in Egypt on Friday morning.

Another 25 people were wounded, many of them seriously.

The terrorists targeted a bus carrying unarmed Christians and sprayed it with bullets.

From BBC:

Gunmen have attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians in central Egypt, killing at least 23 people and wounding 25 others, state media report.

The bus was heading towards the Monastery of St Samuel the Confessor in Minya province, about 220km (140 miles) south Cairo, when it came under fire.

No group immediately said it was behind the attack.

But Islamic State (IS) militants have targeted Copts several times in recent months, and vowed to do so again.

Witnesses told Reuters news agency that the Copts killed on Friday had been travelling to the ancient Monastery of St Samuel, in western Minya, to pray.

Masked men stopped their bus as it drove along a road leading to the monastery with one other bus and a small lorry, and then opened fire, they said.

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The health ministry cited witnesses as saying there had been between eight and 10 attackers, and that they had been wearing military uniforms.

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