BREAKING: 20 States Move To Block Trump’s Border Wall!


20 States have repeatedly filed a motion to block the construction of President Trump’s southern border wall.

As reported by thehill.com

California on Friday led a group of 20 states in requesting that a federal judge stop President Trump from diverting federal funds to build his wall on the southern border.

The state attorneys general announced their request for the preliminary injunction as Trump traveled to California to visit a segment of the border wall.

In the filing, the states argue that Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in order to divert federal funding to the wall from other sources is unconstitutional, and that construction of the wall under those circumstances would cause irreparable damage.

“Notwithstanding the president’s expressed frustration with Congress and the legislative process, he must act in accordance with the procedures established in the Constitution to obtain funding for his border wall,” the filing reads.

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