BREAKING: 13 Dead, Many Wounded in Horrific Muslim Terror Attacks


It is now confirmed that Muslim jihadists were behind a series of attacks that claimed the lives of 13 people and left many more wounded.

The main attack occurred in Barcelona, Spain, where a jihadist later identified as a Spanish-born Moroccan Muslim plowed a van into a crowd of people.

The terrorist then entered a nearby bar and killed several more people, while taking a number of hostages at gunpoint.

People in the area reported a lot of gunfire as police responded to the scene.

A short time later, the terrorist, identified as Driss Oukabir, was arrested. ISIS promptly claimed Oukabir as one of theirs.

According to a string of [updates] to the story, Oukabir was specifically targeting Barcelona’s Jewish population.

And it wasn’t long before [reports] started rolling in of a second attack in the Spanish coastal town of Cambrils, southwest of Barcelona.

There, a cell of three jihadists wearing suicide bomb vests also ran over pedestrians. Thankfully, they were killed by police before they could make use of their explosives.

This fresh wave of terror again underlines why immigration from the Middle East and North Africa must have tight restrictions. Even if most of the immigrants are legitimate, ISIS and other groups have publicly vowed to exploit the mass movement of people to infiltrate the West.

And, clearly, they are making good on that threat.

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