BREAKING: 120 Christians Massacred; Total Media Silence


The international media was abuzz last week after a white supremecist massacred 49 Muslims in New Zealand.

It was an undeniably evil act, and a tragedy worthy of the coverage it received.

But, so was the slaughter of 120 Christians in Nigeria since the beginning of March. And yet, no major western media outlet bothered to lead with that story.

It’s a double standard that we’ve seen before.

A white, presumably Christian, man kills a lot of Muslims, and our progressive liberal society loses its mind.

Muslim jihadists mass-murder African Christians, and no one seems to care.

Is it that our media doesn’t actually care about Africans? Or is it Christians who don’t warrant any attention in their suffering? Perhaps its the fact that the killers were Islamists, and we don’t want to upset Muslim sensitivities?

Either way, we are talking about rank hypocrisy, and it’s about time to put an end to it.

Via Metro Voice

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