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BOYCOTT? Southwest Airlines Flight Turns on Pink Cabin Lights for THIS SICK Reason!


Southwest flights turned their cabin lights pink on Thursday to show support for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington.

Don’t be fooled by the title, it’s just another PRO-ABORTION PRO-KILLING Babies march.

The event recently emerged as an abortion advocacy event and kicked out several pro-life groups after initially welcoming them as partners.

“Southwest turns on the pink lights and a loud cheer erupts. #WomensMarch,” Jennifer Moran tweeted this week along with a photo of the flight to D.C.

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Another Southwest passenger, Krystal Parrish, also posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “When your Southwest flight crew celebrate a plane full of kickass women and men going to the Women’s March by lighting it up!”

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A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines told Mashable its crews often celebrate special moments with passengers.

Special moment? This is SICK!

The event organizers recently indicated that the march officially supports abortion.

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Should Americans boycott Southwest Airlines?

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