Boy Scouts of America Send Powerful Message to President Trump, and Liberals are Going Berserk


The Boy Scouts of America have had some ups and downs over the past couple years.

But on Monday, the scouts themselves were of one voice in declaring their support for President Trump and their love for America.

Their parents, on the other hand, were less thrilled by Trump’s campaign-style speech to a group of the youngsters.

At least the more liberal among them were.

Trump promised to keep the speech free of politics, but on several occasions couldn’t help taking a dig at the media and Democrats. And it was these moments that the young scouts most responded to.

From Business Insider:

When Trump declared he would “kill” Obamacare, boy scouts in the audience began chanting”U-S-A.” When Trump asked the crowd if President Barack Obama had ever attended the jamboree, they booed Obama.

The most incredible moment came when a member of the 44,000-strong crowd shouted “I love you” to the president.

Trump responded by taking a jab at liberals’ gender-neutral policies by emphasizing that “HE sounds like a nice guy.”

The crowd then erupted in a chant of “We Love Trump!”

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Liberal parents were outraged.

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What do you think?

Was it OK for Trump to talk politics in his speech? And was the reaction of the assembled Boy Scouts to the president appropriate?

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