Box Truck Arrives At Golf Course To Stop CNN From Stalking Trump, CNN Loses It! [VIDEO]


CNN got upset on Wednesday when a box truck showed up and blocked their view of Trump’s golf game.

The Daily Wire reported: CNN got upset on Wednesday when a box truck arrived at President Donald Trump’s golf course that CNN claimed, without proof, was there to block them from watching Trump.

CNN’s Dan Merica joined “CNN Newsroom” fill-in host Don Lemon where he reported that after successfully monitoring the president through a small gap in the surrounding vegetation for the last couple of days they were blocked by a box truck on Wednesday, NewsBusters reported.

“Over the last few days, we’ve gotten video of the President golfing at his nearby golf club here in West Palm Beach,” Merica said. “There is a break in the hedges, really. The President doesn’t really and his staff doesn’t tell us when he is golfing. And we have taken to going outside the golf course and filming him as he golfs through the break in hedges near the club.”

CNN’s obsession with wanting to monitor and surveil the president on a near-constant basis mimics the actions of a would-be stalker.

“Today, a big white box truck parked in front trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing,” Merica continued. “Now it may seem trivial, but it is important to give video as the President does these things on a daily basis. And goes to something that is larger, the President and the White House have tried to obscure the fact that President Trump golfs on a regular basis.”

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