Border Wall Construction Sparks VIOLENT Reaction, So Trump ROARS Into Action!


President Trump is very serious about building a border wall between the US and Mexico.

He sees it as vital to America’s future, and recent studies showing the levels of crime among illegal immigrants suggest that TRUMP’S RIGHT.

But the various contractors who will build the wall for Trump are increasingly concerned about attacks from liberals and from Mexican cartels who see the wall as a threat to their business.

Breitbart reports:

Contractors expressed concern about attacks during the construction process and received numerous death threats for bidding on the project…

Expressing concern over security during the construction process, bidders asked how the government would respond to help their crews if they came under “hostile attack.” Another company expressed the desire to allow their workers to carry a sidearm for self-defense. They want the government to protect them and their workers from lawsuits if the use of deadly force became necessary.

The government plans to use Border Patrol agents and local police to establish “buffer zones” around the construction projects to ensure the safety of workers. However, the San Diego police and sheriff’s office said their protection would extend to peaceful, law-abiding protesters, and made no mention of protecting construction workers.

This wall is happening. Trump’s has already proved that you can take his promises to the bank.

But that doesn’t mean liberals and America’s violent foes won’t make it a painful process.

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H/T Patriot Journal

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