Instant Justice

BOOM! Watch What Happens to Hollywood Idiot Shia LaBeouf After He PUNCHES Trump Supporter


They days when Hollywood snowflakes could get away with whatever they want are over.

There’s a new president in town, and the rule of law has returned.

The latest celebrity to learn this lesson the hard way was Shia LeBeouf.

A Twitter user at a recent event with Shia managed to record the actor punching a Trump supporter, and then being arrested. BOOM!

First, the assault (Shia is in the red hat with a full beard):

He made sure to carry out the assault off camera. But Shia is apparently too dumb to realize there were other cameras there, including on EVERY SINGLE SMARTPHONE.

Someone called the cops, and here was Shia’s response:

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Just brilliant.

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And these geniuses want to tell us what’s best for America?

H/T Yes I’m Right

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