Boom! Look Who Just For Suspended For Yelling Obscenities At President Trump


An intern for Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan (N.H.) has been suspended for a week for yelling a curse word at President Trump.

Hassan’s communication director, Aaron Jacobs told thehill.com in a statement, that the intern will be on a restricted access to Capitol Hill.

“We are aware of the situation and have taken disciplinary action, including a one-week suspension and revoking her Congressional intern ID badge (thereby restricting her access to the Capitol), in response to her breach of office policies regarding respectful and appropriate conduct. We also facilitated contact with Capitol Police,” Jacobs said.

Multiple media outlets has identified the intern as Caitlin Marriott.

NBC’s Frank Thorp V caught the incident on video and posted it on his Twitter.

President Trump was on his way to speak with members of the GOP on immigration.

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