BOOM! Latina Trump Supporter DESTROYS Democrats, Explains REAL American Dream


Democrats exploiting illegal immigration for their own agenda have turned the American dream on its head.

According to their version, the American dream is all about getting across the border so you can receive handouts and never have to work again.

But a legitimate recent immigrant from Guatemala said that’s not why she and others like her came to America.

“We came here for an opportunity and not handouts,” she told a room of stunned Democrats who had hoped to use her to bash President Trump.

Well, turns out she voted for Trump, and hopes he will start enforcing America’s immigration laws so that the true American dream can again be realized.

What’s currently happening, she explained, is that far too many immigrants are taught that they come to America with kids and get free money from the government.

And that’s it.

Like this brave woman explained, the real American dream is opportunity, the opportunity to work hard and be rewarded for it with success.

Check it out:

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H/T The Federalist Papers

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