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BOOM! Judge Says Hillary Can No Longer Hide From the Law. Time to Go to Jail!


Bill and Hillary Clinton and all their cronies have evaded justice for far too long. In fact, finally bringing the Clintons to justice was one of the cornerstone reasons folks voted for Donald Trump.

In her opening statement on Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro, a former New York judge and district attorney, said it’s time for Hillary to go to jail.

Pirro reminded America of just one of Hillary’s many dirty deals, a $145 million payoff for her role in the “Uranium One” scandal.

Enough if enough, she insisted.

“I say law and order and truth and justice are the very foundations of this republic,” said Pirro. “I’m tired of the powerful and the Clintons being above the law — law each and every one of us must follow.”

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