Jamie Foxx Embarrases Trump-Hating Hollywood Elites


The Trump-hating Hollywood loudmouths are making their entire industry look by buffoons.

But here and there we catch a glimpse of what is hopefully a quiet majority of actors who, regardless of who they supported, take a more reasonable view of the current political situation.

Jamie Foxx was the latest Hollywood mega-star to tell his liberal snowflake colleagues in the entertainment industry to get over themselves.

Foxx said he was disappointed with the election campaign overall for being so divisive and, at times, so aggressive that he couldn’t even let his kids watch.

But he blamed both sides for that.

And, despite not being a Trump supporter, Foxx by no means thinks the result of the election will damage America. “Regardless of who the president is, the spirit of America is always going to be great,” he said.

That’s a lot different than the whining we are hearing from most Hollywood elites.

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