Boom! Georgia Bureau of Investigation Launches Probe Into State’s Democrat Party


Republican Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state, is investigating the state’s Democratic Party for “possible cyber crimes” related to an alleged attempted hack on state voting infrastructure.

From cnn.com

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp set off a political firestorm when his office, two days before an election in which he is a candidate, announced on Sunday morning that it had opened an investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party in connection with what it described as an attempted hack of the state’s voter registration system.

But that initial advisory lacked key details about how Kemp’s office was made aware of potential security vulnerabilities in the state’s electronic voter information page, which the secretary of state oversees.

A series of email chains obtained by CNN indicate that, rather than taking part in any alleged “hack,” the Georgia Democrats had simply passed along information regarding security concerns from a concerned voter to a private cybersecurity firm, which in turn shared its concerns with Kemp’s office.

Democrats in the state have vehemently denied the allegations from Kemp’s office, which also raised fresh criticism of Kemp’s dual role as both the Republican nominee for governor and the state’s chief election official.

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