Boom: 2 Men Come Forward Saying They Were the Ones Who ‘Assaulted’ Ford, Not Kavanaugh


Late Wednesday night as the hearing loomed, the Senate Judiciary Committee released a timeline of some of the things they had been looking at in their investigation of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. And along with many things that have been revealed already there were a couple of stunning claims.

One of the things that has always been interesting about the claims by Christine Blasey Ford is that she didn’t tell anyone about it until her 2012 therapy sessions. Was it a real memory and/or was she possibly remembering incorrectly?

She obviously was remembering something incorrectly since the four people she named couldn’t remember such a party or that any of them were at it.

But now the Committee has learned of a man who believes he is the man that Blasey Ford thought was Kavanaugh and it sounds like they don’t think he’s a nut because they’ve interviewed him three times according to the timeline. And there’s another man that they’ve spoken to who also believes he was in the encounter (the Mark Judge role?).

Now, it’s hard to know if it’s true but likely more will come out on this to be able to evaluate it. They’ve also gotten ridiculous anonymous claims as that also notes.

And if you look at the terminology used ‘encounter,’ it perhaps suggests the man remembers it differently than does Ford.

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