BOMBSHELL Video Explains Why Obama Betrayed America to Help Iran


President Trump has described Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement as the worst deal he’s ever seen.

But it’s worse than that. Obama betrayed America and its allies in making that deal, and he did so purposely for a very sinister reason.

In the following video, Arab analysts in the Middle East who are also upset over the Iran deal say Obama’s Muslim background cannot be separated from his negotiations with Iran.

You see, Obama is the son of a Shiite Muslim from Kenya.

Iran is the heart of the Shiite Muslim world. It is from there that the Shiite “messiah” known as the Mahdi is to come.

Equipping Iran to bring about an apocalypse has always been part of the Shiite end-times agenda.

And that is precisely what Obama did, and in such a way that makes it difficult for President Trump to stop it.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained on Fox News, Obama got Iran to agree not to make one bomb now in exchange for being able to make hundreds of nuclear weapons 10 years from now.

And then he handed them billions of dollars in cash to make sure that happens.

For Middle East experts in the know, this did not come as any surprise given Obama’s background:

H/T Conservative Brief

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