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BOMBSHELL Revelation About Obama’s Involvement in Syria – He’s a TRAITOR!


President Trump just attacked Syria, but he basically said that he had no choice thanks to the mess left behind by Barack Obama.

Predictably, the media is jumping to Obama’s defense.

But there’s one BIG PROBLEM.

Obama told us years ago that he had brokered a deal under which Syria eliminated ALL of its chemical weapons. Obama was adamant that he’d saved the day.

But, we all know now, Syria had plenty of chemical weapons remaining. Enough to massacre dozens of innocent people last week.

It turns out Obama was way more interested in scoring political points for himself than he was in making sure the people of Syria would never again be gassed by their own government.


The Washington Times reports on how blind, incompetent or deceitful (or all of the above?) Obama was regarding Syria:

“The short answer is that Syria could have used that DF (a sarin precursor) to make a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE amount of sarin,” read a Pentagon memo.

“It seems likely…that Assad did not honor the commitments to give up all Syria’s chemical weapons in the deal brokered by Russia. Like Saddam before him, Assad might have thought it important to have these weapons to use on his internal opponents when the situation warranted.”

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But, apparently, that didn’t matter to Obama.

The man belongs in jail.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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