BOMBSHELL: Look Who DC Gunman Visited Before Shooting Rep. Scalise


By now, we all know that the man who opened fire on congressional Republicans earlier this month was influenced by the liberal media’s outright hatred of President Trump.

The sad truth is that this man was a terrorist, and his brainwashing was really no different than the incitement to which young Muslim jihadis are subjected.

But even more damning were his connections to leaders in the Democratic Party.

Again, we all know the gunman had previously worked for the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

What the FBI has now uncovered is that this terrorist actually visited Sanders’ office in Washington, DC some time prior to the shooting.

He was also reportedly in email contact with the senators from his home state of Illinois.

But to me, what’s REALLY infuriating, is that the mainstream media is absolutely ignoring these facts.

Imagine if this had been a proud Republican who had shot up a bunch of top congressional Democrats.

And he had visited with John Boehner or any other top Republican member of Congress before going on a shooting spree.

You can bet your life that that fact alone would be headline news for weeks on end, as the mainstream media debated the mounting hostility and violence of the Right.

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But when it’s happening on the Left… nothing but crickets.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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