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Bombshell court ruling shows how BROKEN our immigration system has become


Are you kidding me?!

How in the world is this even possible?!

From Breitbart:

Officials in Corpus Christi, Texas, placed a municipal court judge on unpaid suspension when they learned she is not a U.S. citizen — a requirement for the position.

After learning Judge Young Min Burkett was not a citizen, City officials placed her on unpaid leave for 90 days to give her time to complete her citizenship process, according to Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio. The City did not disclose how they learned about her lack of citizenship.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio told the Associated Press that no one asked her about her citizenship during the hiring and qualification process. He also said she never attempted to deceive anyone or misrepresent her background.

And get this – Burkett had been serving as a judge for TWO YEARS before anyone found out she’s not even a US citizen.

And before that she was working in the District Attorney’s office for SEVEN YEARS!

Seriously, does citizenship simply no longer matter?

Wonder if Canada would just let me walk in and run for parliament. No? What about Mexico?

Hmmmm, seems America is the only place where liberals have managed to so badly destroy the immigration process.

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