Bombshell: Americans in Shock as Trump Does About-Face and Admits Obama Was Right


Barack Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to American politics.

That’s the message of President Trump and many top Republicans.

Of course, many of the things Obama is today howling over regarding the Trump presidency, he himself was doing just a few years ago.

And President Trump wants to make sure Americans are aware of this Democratic hypocrisy.

So over the weekend he posted a video clip of then-Senator Obama telling reporters that America can’t just let anyone and everyone flood across its borders “undetected, undocumented, unchecked…”

Said Trump: “I agree with President Obama 100%!”

Now, if only we could get Democrats to remember their own positions on illegal immigration prior to Trump winning the White House.

Seems more likely that they simply have no scruples whatsoever, and will just sway with the prevailing liberal winds.

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