Boebert Asks Pelosi Why National Guard Troops Are Still In The Garage


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-FL) tweeted earlier this week that members of the National Guard are still having to take their breaks in a parking garage, and asked why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is allowing it.

She sounded the alarm on Tuesday morning in a tweet:

Why is it that nearly 3 weeks after the initial outrage, Nancy Pelosi is still having our National Guard troops take their breaks & sleeping in freezing cold garages?

Boebert tweeted out two photos of National Guard members relaxing in a parking garage. In one photo, two troops relax on some of the cots placed in the garage. In another photo, about a half dozen troops are seen sitting on cots and chairs, with others standing or walking.

Boebert’s office told Breitbart News in an email response Wednesday that the photos were taken in the House underground garage on Monday evening.

Boebert said in a statement that troops were running out of food and being made to rest in cold garages.

“The disrespect that Speaker Pelosi has shown to our National Guard is sickening. With the background checks, running out of food, and making them rest in cold garages, Speaker Pelosi has continued to show total disrespect for our men and women in uniform,” she said in a statement.

The Capitol building complex is home to cafeterias and cafes, but they close when members of Congress finish business for the day.

A National Guard spokesperson said troops are not sleeping in the garages overnight and that what Boebert’s office saw were National Guard mem… (Read more)

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