BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS: Full Extent of Obama and Clinton’s Complicity in Benghazi EXPOSED


The terrorist assault on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was one of the darkest stains on the Obama presidency, and on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political career.

But new information has come to light revealing that the behavior of Obama and Clinton at the time was even more despicable than we knew.

It turns out that not only were there military forces in the area capable of responding, but one of them was actually en route to Benghazi when they were ORDERED TO TURN AROUND!

From PJ Media:

The evidence is overwhelming that the United States had several rescue teams ready to go during the 2012 Benghazi attacks, but someone — possibly the president himself — prevented them from acting. So said Emmy Award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson to talk show host Steve Malzberg in an interview on Wednesday.

This week on her show, “Full Measure,” Attkisson looked into the aborted rescue mission in an in-depth two-part report, “Rescue Interrupted,” which you can watch here and here. She spoke with a Green Beret commander who told her that there were actually Special Forces on their way to Benghazi who were turned back.

Col. Andrew Wood had once commanded a Special Forces anti-terrorism team protecting Ambassador Chis Stevens and other diplomats in Libya. In October of 2012, Woods told Congress that one month before the attacks in Benghazi, his team had been removed from Libya by the Obama administration, despite the numerous warnings of impending terrorist attacks. Wood told Attkisson that Special Forces (the ones mentioned in the “spinning up” email from Jeremy Bash) were on their way to Benghazi, but were ordered to turn back.

“Those individuals I know loaded aircraft and got on their way to Benghazi to respond to that incident. They were not allowed to cross the border as per protocol until they got approval from the commander in chief,” Wood explained.  “That authority has to come from him or they’re not allowed to enter the country.”

There was no need for U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith to lose their lives.

And there was no need to hand a vile terrorist group like Ansar al-Sharia such a stunning victory that it then used to successfully recruit more terrorists.

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But Obama and Clinton don’t think that way, because they are defeatists.

Can you imagine President Trump doing something like that? Of course not. He would have moved heaven and earth to save the lives of American citizens.

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