BLM Trump-Hater Just Insulted Every Christian, and Media Ignores It


A leading Black Lives Matter activist just did something that should have ever Christian fuming, if the media would bother to tell them about it.

Jomo Johnson, a founder of the Black Lives Matter branch in Savannah, Georgia, has released a new version of the Bible. You aren’t going to like it.

Johnson himself is a former church pastor. So he knows these passages well. But, apparently, he’s first and foremost a Trump-hating liberal.

So much so that he’s willing to desecrate the Word of God to get his political message across.

Johnson’s new version of the Gospel of Mark replaces all of the words and deeds of Jesus with the quotes and actions of Donald Trump.

“The book puts the campaign actions and sayings of Donald Trump in the biblical format of the Gospel of Mark, as a witness against all those who claim the name Christian while also voting for Trump,” Johnson told The Christian Post.

“It is Trump replacing Jesus in the Gospel and the implications of that,” he continued.

Like many liberals, Johnson was stunned when Trump garnered more Evangelical Christian votes than even George W. Bush.

While a lot of Christian leaders disparaged Trump, others backed the president-elect. And an overwhelming percentage of Christian voters ultimately determined he was best for our country.

Johnson and others seem to be having a difficult time accepting that fact.

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