BLM PROTESTER Leaves speechless After Watching FERGUSON- The Play in NYC…Realizes She Was LIED To By Mainstream Media


Filmmaker and author Phelim McAleer knew he was going to ruffle some feathers when he decided to open his FERGUSON-the play in the leftist hotbed of New York City.

McAleer has never been one to shy away from controversy, especially when he knows the truth is on his side. So last night, with very little mainstream media coverage, Phelim opened his controversial play in NYC, that challenges the false narrative being fed to the general public about what really happened in Ferguson, MO.

The Ferguson play will, no doubt, force viewers to question how much of what the media feeds them is real, and how much is propaganda that feeds their leftist agenda.   

FERGUSON is a staged reenactment of the controversial killing of Michael Brown using ONLY Grand Jury testimony. No spin.

As guests at the opening of the thought-provoking Ferguson-the play began to exit the theater, Phelim approached a random woman to get her reaction to the performance.

The woman he questioned seemed confused and angry by what she just witnessed. She admits she was a Black Lives Matter supporter, and even protested with Black Lives Matter to help them to push the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

After realizing that she had been lied to by the media, she asks Phelim, “Why did I demonstrate ‘Hands in the air…Don’t shoot’?”

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