BLM Nitwit Tries to Blame Manhattan Terror Attack on “White Identity Extremism”


This has got to be the most absurd reaction I've seen yet to the horrendous act of terrorism perpetrated on the streets of New York City on Tuesday.

And it once again demonstrates just how very disconnected from reality liberals have become.

You've probably never heard of Tariq Nasheed, though he seems to think everyone should have.

At any rate, he's a self-styled anti-racism "expert," one of the more "fancy" members of the broader Black Lives Matter movement.

And he wants to pin Tuesday's attack in New York on white folks.

Even though it was carried out by a Muslim from central Asia. (Maybe Tariq doesn't know where Uzbekistan is located?)

The responses came fast and furious.

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But, before we get to those, Tariq's also very clearly confused regarding Obama's role in all this.

Saipov immigrated to the United States in 2010, during Obama's presidency and at a time when our immigration vetting policies were at their most lax.

Now, on to the well-deserved bashing of this BLM nitwit:

To be fair regarding that last one, the true "Aryan" race did originate from central Asia.

Still, when someone uses the term today, they're referring to white caucasians of European descent, which Saipov clearly isn't.

Calling Saipov "white" in the current socio-political context is disingenuous.

So much for Tariq Nasheed being an "expert."

H/T Jews News

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