BLM lowlife crosses ALL RED LINES to desecrate the American flag


Want to see the true face of the Black Lives Matter movement? It’s not really about civil rights. It’s about violently overturning America.

These are terrorists and thugs. Nothing more.

And the truth is started to come out, by their own admission.

An offshoot of the main BLM movement is being far more honest about what the group’s true goals are.

Under the banner of “Fuk Yo Flag”, they openly admit to treason and subversion. (WARNING – some crude language is used in the following video)

Black radicals everywhere responded with glee to the idea that “United States imperialism,” as he called it, was about to collapse.

Of course, BLM did not succeed in bringing down America. At least not yet.

But the rise of this vile organization has brought all kinds of treasonous degenerates out of the woodwork.

Like this fine young lady, who crossed all red lines to desecrate the American flag in a photo she proudly posted to Twitter:

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Source: Breitbart

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