‘BLM Did This To Us,’ Tucker Carlson Says Of America’s Dramatic Rise In Violent Crime


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blamed the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement Monday for America’s dramatic rise in violent crime over the past year.

Carlson explained during the broadcast of his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that “BLM did this to us” by driving policy changes as a result of the death of George Floyd in May of last year.

Carlson began by noting that from the beginning of the year through mid-March there were more than 370 carjackings reported in the city of Chicago. He stated that crime data showed that was the most carjackings in Chicago in a three month period “in at least 20 years.” He added that this rise in crime was happening everywhere, and not just in Chicago.

“As we advance toward a full year of mourning the death of a single man on a sidewalk in Minneapolis, thousands of Americans have been murdered thanks to the policy changes justified by the death of that man,” Carlson continued, referencing the death of George Floyd in May of 2020. “Ponder that for a minute. Has there ever been a more perverse moment in this country? It’s not clear what we can do about it, but you can tell the truth out loud. That’s a start and that’s what’s happening.”

He went on to cite the Washington Examiner in saying the murder rate in every city in the U. S. “… (Read more)

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