BLM Activist on Columbus Shooting: Knife Fights Between Kids Are Totally Normal, No Need to Call the Cops


According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the girl, who was either 15 or 16 depending on various reports, was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday.

Footage from the bodycam, released later that evening by the Columbus Division of Police, shows the officer arriving on the scene as the girl was swinging a knife at another female. The officer yelled for the girl with the knife to get down, but she refused, charging another woman who was pinned against a car — and prompting the officer to shoot her.

“We know based on this footage the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community,” said Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who also expressed grief over the death of Bryant.

It’s common knowledge that within minutes of an officer-involved shooting, pretty much everyone with a blue checkmark next to his or her name on Twitter is an expert on all the facts and can tell you, with authoritative glibness, exactly why you’re wrong.

Protesters can tell you that, too, albeit in shouted slogans. In Columbus, they shouted “Say her name!” and “She was just a kid!”

If the officer hadn’t taken action and let another black individual who was a minor die, that would have been their take, too.

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