Blinken Authorizes U.S. Embassies To Fly BLM Flag


Secretary of state Antony Blinken has authorized U. S. embassies worldwide to fly the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag to demonstrate awareness of racism and social-justice issues and commemorate Tuesday’s one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, according to an internal cable received by Foreign Policy.

The U. S. State Department cable gives chiefs of missions, who lead U.S. diplomatic outposts and consulates around the globe, “blanket written authorization” to display BLM flags and banners as “appropriate in light of local conditions,” according to the report. It specified that the notice is not mandatory but rather only an authorization.

Some U. S. officials believe the directive solidifies the United States’ commitment to promoting human rights abroad as well as equality at home. An anonymous U.S. diplomat remarked that the policy is “a positive signal and a historic step in the right direction,” Foreign Policy‘s report said.

“However, we will need to see much more than BLM flags to signal the department is substantively bridging the disconnect between our domestic record on racial injustice and global rhetoric on human rights,” the diplomat continued.

Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis poli… (Read more)

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