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Black Woman Stopped by Police Tries to Play Racism Card, Now Wishes She Hadn’t


When Dorothy Bland was stopped by police in her Dallas suburb of Corinth, Texas, she did what any “reasonable” supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement would do.

She played the racism card.

It didn’t matter to Bland why the police had stopped her. She is black and they are police. Nothing else matters to these liberal loons.

Bland, who is dean of the school of journalism at the University of North Texas, even wrote an article about the ordeal for the Dallas Morning News.

The only problem is that she completely lied about what happened.

“Like most African Americans, I am familiar with the phrase ‘driving while black,’ but was I really being stopped for walking on the street in my own neighborhood?” she wrote.

Bland went on to make the ridiculous claim that she was frightened for her life. Because, according to her, police almost always shoot black people for no reason.


Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall was not amused. And, unfortunately for Bland, the entire affair was caught on the dash camera of the police officers in question.

What the footage revealed was not a hostile confrontation, but rather two officers who were concerned for Bland’s safety.

And a little irritated at her entitled attitude

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You see, Bland had been walking in the road while wearing headphones. She was walking with traffic and could hear nothing.

That’s just stupid. Regardless of your skin color.

The officers tried to tell her as much, and noted that a large pick-up truck had just moments earlier stopped right behind her because Bland refused to use the adjacent sidewalk.

Entitled liberals screaming ‘racism.’

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Dorothy Bland was probably looking for some publicity. Well, she’s getting some. But not the kind she wanted.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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