Black Prof Teaches Students That Whites Are ‘Inhuman A**holes’ And Should ‘F**king Die’


This is what passes for an education at liberal American colleges these days.

This is the sad result of hyper-political correctness. Ultimately, it can only lead to division and even violence.

From The Daily Wire:

Johnny E. Williams, associate professor of sociology at Trinity since 1996 and author of the upcoming “The Persistence of White Sociology,” was voicing an opinion that is reminiscent of comments he has made before. Roughly ten years ago, Williams reportedly said that because he was black, “I’m uncomfortable all the time on this goddamned campus.”

Here’s what he had to tell students this week:

Surely, this man needs to be FIRED.

Please SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE and let’s put pressure on Trinity College, and all liberal universities that would indoctrinate our children with such filth.

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