Black Pastor Who Marched With John Lewis DEMOLISHES Him on Live TV


A black pastor who marched with Congressman John Lewis during the civil rights protests of the 1960s had some hard truths to share this week.

Rev. William Owens said in a Fox News interview that Lewis is “on the wrong side of history.”

He also exposed Lewis and other Democrats boycotting Trump’s inauguration as crybabies.

“I think what they are looking at is a way to find out why Hillary Clinton was not elected,” said Owens. “She wasn’t not elected because of what the Russians did; she was not elected because of what she said.”

Owens was referring to statements by Clinton that Americans must change their religious beliefs.

The remarks alienated a great many Americans, and helped to galvanize Republicans behind Trump.

As for Trump, Owens said liberals needs to get over it and accept him as their president.

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