Black Panther Boss Calls Police After Being Robbed By Another Black Thug. Officers’ Response is Priceless


Black lives matter? Give me a break (and I mean that toward the movement itself). THIS is the reality – most violence against blacks in this county is committed by OTHER BLACKS.

And none other than the local leader of a chapter of the New Black Panthers learned that the HARD WAY.

Ali Muhammad, local chairman of the New Black Panthers in Tampa, was strolling him when a BLACK thug robbed him at gunpoint.

Guess no one told that kid that black lives matter.

Cause after robbing Muhammad, the violent criminal went on to rob two black women.

Despite admitting that he is “very anti-police,” guess who Muhammad called? That’s right, the police.

And, contrary to everything people like Muhammad preach, officers showed up and did their job, on behalf of a black man, a black man who hates them.

Go figure.

Officers caught the thief and returned the belongings of Muhammad and the two women.

Muhammad was conciliatory when asked about the incident by Fox News, but actions speak louder than words.

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It’s time for people like Muhammad to stop demonizing the police in general, especially when they admittedly still rely on police protection.

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