Black Lives Matter Just Picked the WRONG Fight, They’re in TROUBLE


The liberal activists behind Black Lives Matter aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed.

They demonstrated that this week by picking a fight that could seriously damage the movement.

On Christmas Day, the official Twitter account for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Atlanta asked:

“White folks do not worship any holiday belonging to black people. Why do black folks go all out for CHRISTMAS?”

The thing is that in addition to fomenting racial conflict, many Black Lives Matter activists are also non-religious ultra-liberals.

They hate Christianity almost as much as they hate whites. They couch this hatred in disdain for the over-commercialized nature of Christmas in America. But at its core, Christmas is a religious commemoration.

Even if black Christians stopped buying from what BLM calls “white supremacist stores”, they would still want to mark Christmas.

And a number of people let BLM know just that, and just how stupid the group had become.

In response to the question why should black folks celebrate Christmas, one Twitter user said: “I don’t know maybe because they can do whatever the hell they want and no stupid ass Twitter account can stop them.”

Many others tweeted that Black Lives Matter, especially the chapter in Atlanta, had become a “disgrace.”

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Source: International Business Times

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