Black Lives Matter just declared war on white people


The cat is out of the bag. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, plain and simple.

But because of politically-correct liberal sensitivities in this country, most people too afraid to admit the truth for fear of being labeled “racist.”

Well, here’s one person who can’t be accused of such, since she herself is African-American.

Stacey Dash is one of Hollywood’s few outspoken conservatives, and she comes right out and says it – “Black Lives Matter just declared war on white people.”

It’s not racist. It’s just the truth.

Dash had this to say after a BLM activist publicly, and loudly, demanded that white people surrender all their belongings and DIE.

If you needed another confirmation that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, they’ve handed it to you on a silver platter.

In Seattle recently, BLM activists shouted demands, accented with much profanity, and the message was clear.

Video captured the racist tirade and public incitement of violence. One unidentified activist shouted over the megaphone demands that white people pay up or else.

“Burn it!” shouted a participant in response. “Reparations!” shouted another.

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Dash also picked up on the most worrying aspect of this incitement (as if calling for murder wasn’t bad enough):

But when you think it can’t get worse, it does. The woman with the megaphone identifies herself as a preschool teacher and even though her statement is drowned out by the roaring crowd, she promised to “f—ing radicalize” her four- and five-year-old students.

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