Black Kid Attacks White Boy, Makes Him Pay For Being ‘A Slave’ – What Happens Next is Heinous


When 2 Michigan boys went to a playground to spend the day, one didn’t go back home.

Jamarion was 12 when he fatally stabbed 9-year-old Connor Verkerke on a Kentwood playground.

Jamarion buried a knife in the sand at the park waiting for a white boy come to play. Jamarion unearthed his weapon and stabbed the younger boy to death, realizing years of abuse from his parents with every drive of the knife into this young boy’s body.

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13-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn sat in the courtroom, charged with a brutal murder. Both parents have histories of abusing him.

Anita Lawhorn, who is awaiting trial for abuse, and stepfather, Bernard Harrold, recently convicted of abusing Jamarion.

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The stepdad admitted to spanking him with a belt when he misbehaved and hitting him in the chest with the back of his hand, but he mentioned nothing about hitting him with an extension cord.


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This is so terrible!

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