‘Black Hawk Down’ Heroes Respond to Ilhan Omar


Rep. Ilhan Omar was way out of line. But, what’s new?

Last week, a tweet she made back in 2017 when Omar was a Minnesota state legislator resurfaced, again calling into question who’s side she’s on when it come to the war on terror.

At the time, then-Senator Al Franken tweeted about an attack in Somalia that claimed 230 lives as being the “worst attack in the country’s history.”

Someone else responded to Franken by suggesting that the worst “terrorist attack” in Somalia’s history had actually been the assault on US peacekeepers that sparked the Battle of Mogadishu, during which 19 American troops were killed and another 73 wounded.

Omar then chimed in to charge that those American troops had killed thousands of her fellow Somalis.

Some of the US veterans who survived that battle chimed in last week to give Rep. Ilhan Omar a little history lesson.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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“Danny McKnight, who was the Ranger colonel who commanded U.S. troops, and Kyle Lamb, who was a Delta Force operator, said they were in Somalia in part to protect the Majerteen, Omar’s tribe, from the ruthless warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid and his powerful Habar Gidir clan.”

In other words, its because of the presence of those American troops that Omar’s very own tribe wasn’t wiped out by radical jihadists.

Many of those American troops laid down their lives to protect Omar’s people, and they deserve a LOT more respect from her for so doing.

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