Black Gang Beats, Burns Alive an Elderly White Woman… No Calls of Racism…


Another sick story that proves just how hypocritical liberals and Democrats have become.

A black man dies after threatening police or a Muslim girl complains that people look at her hijab funny, and “RACISM” is all we see on the headlines of newspapers for weeks.

But a gang of black thugs enters an elderly white woman’s home, beats her and then sets her on fire – and, what do we hear? NOTHING.

The woman in question was 83-year-old Dorothy Dow.

She was already in bed one evening when the thugs broke into her home. They seemed to know her, because one suspect went right to her bedroom and began beating Dow with a gun.

Another came in moments later and poured something on Dow before lighting her on fire.

They told her, “You’ll never see your sons again,” before leaving Dow to die.

Dow managed to find a bucket of water and put out the fire, but she was badly wounded. After spending weeks on a ventilator, Dow finally succumbed to her injuries.

So, what’s the deal? No civil rights marches? No pastors going on TV decrying the phenomenon of black violence against innocent white people?

Source: CBS 46 Atlanta

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