Black Feminist Waitress ANXIOUS to Attend White TRUMP Supporters, Gets SHOCKING Surprise


3 white Trump supporters went into a restaurant in Washington D.C. after the inauguration.

The men decided to CHANGE the atmosphere and give the feminist waitress a SHOCKING SURPRISE about Trump supporters.


Rosalynd Harris, a waitress at Busboys and Poets, had just returned from the Women’s March and was surprised to see white men at her table that looked like Trump supporters—even though one of them hid their red Trump hat to avoid any confrontation.

Harris later admitted that she was prejudice towards the men at first, but remained cheerful, as the men were extremely polite and courteous to Harris.

In fact, the group engaged in no political talk and shared laughs and smiles with Harris throughout the duration of their visit. Upon leaving, the men left Harris with a major surprise.

A $450 tip and a note that reads:

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We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American…God Bless!


The men left before seeing Harris’ reaction to the kind gesture, but Harris told The Washington Post all about it.

You automatically assume if someone supports Trump that they have ideas about you…but [the customer is] more embracing than even some of my more liberal friends, and there was a real authenticity in our exchange.

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H/T: Milo

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